Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning 12

Tis time to Spring Clean!

I honestly try to keep the rooms spring cleaned regardless the time of the year. I will just periodically decided that I am going to focus on a certain room and strip it down and clean everything in it.

Most recently, I had my son to help me clean out all the closets, attic and storage buildings/rooms. Well, you have heard that the saying that one persons junk is another person treasure. So I decided to get him to help me set up a place at the local flea market. This was going to be a one day only event but it turned it to a 6 weeks event. I was selling and making $$$ but I also was getting out of the house and seeing people that I had not seen in quite sometime. Then I am going to donate some of the things that I do not want to put back into storage to Good Will.

So you may consider doing this when you get ready to start your Spring Cleaning.

Also, check into They are giving away some wonderful prizes for Spring Cleaning 12. She also has some wonderful ideas for cleanig just about anything in your house!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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